Eternal Light

Starting at $250

This heartwarming floral sympathy wreath features comforting colors splashed across a beautiful bunch of your favorite flora’s. Paint a perfect picturesque garden collected in a beautiful wreath.

When you order a Rebel Girl Floral funeral wreath, your ordering a one of a kind floral creation that will be individually tailored for you.  Our florists take into consideration the overall theme & character of your selected wreath.  Customizing the creation using the current seasonal flowers, size & special requests.  What will be delivered is a truly special and unique creation.   Helping celebrating a life with beautifully arranged flowers!

Click on the desired shape and size below and it will show you the price and width of each.  Further description below.

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Wreath Shape & Sizing: Our floral artist can create any of our wreaths using various wreath shapes and sizes. The sizing (Select, Deluxe & Extraordinary) us different wreath sizes for each shape.

Ring wreath base comes in 3 sizes; Select (18″ Wreath), Deluxe (22″ Wreath) & Extraordinary (24″ Wreath).  When we add the flowers and greens the wreath, it will add 4″-8″ to the width.

Open Heart & Solid Heart Wreath comes in 2 sizes; Select (18″ Wreath) & Extraordinary (24″ Wreath)

Square & Oval Wreath comes in 1 size; Select (18″ Wreath)

Rebel Girl Floral Florists will tailor and bring your flower sympathy wreath to life using the most beautiful fresh season flowers.  Taking into consideration the overall theme and character of your selected arrangement, while bearing in mind your budget and sentiments being relayed.  Everyone deserves beautifully arranged flowers!

All Wreaths include a Stand.  With the height of the stand depending on the wreath sizing and shape.

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Standard $250, Select $300, Deluxe $400, Premium $500, Extraordinary $750