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At Rebel Girl Floral,
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Humble Beginnings

Strangely enough, Rebel Girl Floral began with the idea of endings. Sothea Keller, our founder and head floral designer, saw that funeral flower arrangements were being put together in bland and uninspired ways, and she asked herself, “If you’re celebrating somebody’s life, wouldn’t you want something beautiful to remember them by?” So, she set out to create just that. Ironically, clients were so charmed by her funeral flowers that she began to get wedding requests from people who had seen them at funerals.

With a growing influx of new requests and support from her husband, James Keller, who operates the business side of RGF, Rebel Girl Floral began to expand their business into creating made-to-order, everyday flower arrangements. Their vision was to create beautiful, wedding-worthy arrangements for people who were tired of sending just a dozen roses or getting another bouquet of carnations. RGF believes that there doesn’t always have to be a special occasion to send somebody something special, and according to their growth over the past year, many customers definitely agree. 


Long Lake Florist with beautiful, colorful floral bouquets delivered
Tranquility a RGF Signature Arrangement
Rebel Girl Floral is the Twin Cities top rated florist & flower shop offering the best in flower delivery services. Serving the Twin Cities West Metro area with one of a kind flower arrangements of lush, seasonal & extraordinary floral designs. If you’re looking for a wild take on natural beauty & love all things that are perfectly imperfect, then you’ve come to the right florist.

Our signature style is native & organic for all types flower occasions. Whether it’s a flower wall or delicate floral head piece, every stem is placed with thought & care. Working closely with our clients, to bring their floral vision to life.

In the naturally competitive world of floral design, where florists are constantly striving to embody universal aesthetic standards, Rebel Girl Floral chooses to make their own rules.
Sothea Keller Florist Rebel Girl Floral

SOTHEA KELLER, owner & Head Designer

Sothea Keller, started developing her florist skills and techniques under the tutelage of award winning & long-standing Long Lake florist, Bonnie Keller from Keller’s Country Estate. After more than a decade of learning and refining her craft, Sothea established Rebel Girl Floral in early 2019, located in a floral studio in Long Lake, MN.

When it comes to credentials, Sothea remains unintimidated. "To be intimidated, you have to be comparing yourself to others," referring to other florists. "I don't care what others think, I just want to satisfy my customers." Sothea has always been known for going above and beyond the client’s needs and expectations to design and create the most unforgettable flower designs & wearable floral creations imaginable.

Whether the overall appeal may be modern, edgy, vintage, classic, rustic or an eclectic mix of organic elements. Sothea always consider every approach in the creation of our arrangements with meticulous details to design, style, and sentiment.

James Keller

James Keller, whom Sothea describes as the "business side" of RGF (Rebel Girl Floral), put together a website where they show off their unique floral talents. Showcasing pictures of past arrangements, photoshoots, and floral installations. While providing a convenient avenue to communicate with customers and offer a variety of product and services.

His other titles include; Husband, Customer Relations, Delivery Person, Web Guru, Social Media Manager, Project Manager & Guinea Pig....

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I placed an order on a Saturday morning and asked for Sunday delivery. The arrangement was beautiful and delivered on time.

Kim Pastor, Wayzata, MN

This is my second time ordering from Rebel Girl. I am overly impressed each time. When I called and spoke to James he is so helpful and caring. Its a great experience. I love that they can work with my budget and deliver in a timely manner. Cannot wait to order online again!

Ashlee Firnschild, Plymouth, MN

Thank you Rebel Girl Floral in Long Lake, for delivering us beautiful floral spring cheer Thank You! 💐

Trails of Orono, Long Lake, MN