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Light up the Night

Imagine the sunset during your wedding or special event. You look around and lament that the intricate, bright, and beautiful flower arrangements that your guests have fawned over will no longer be noticeable. Yet, as the day fades, your flower decorations start getting brighter. Petals slowly begin to open, reacting to the evening air, and show off their beauty in the night. Flower bulbs glow like tiny stars, illuminating the awe and enchantment on the faces of your closest family and friends as you enter an evening filled with the promise of joy and celebration. It sounds like a wedding straight from a fairy-tale, but this one-of-a-kind experience is possible with the help of Rebel Girl Floral and our Illumafloral design. We took the concept of light-up flowers and made it better. Instead of the typical stark, white light surrounded by synthetic petals that you’d receive from other light-up flowers, Illumafloral gives off a warm, natural glow. Experience the enchantment of our Illumafloral design in roses, ranunculus, carnations, and more!

Illumafloral is trademark owned by Rebel Girl Floral LLC.

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